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GHIN Handicap Renewal

Good Morning Golfers!

If you currently have a GHIN Handicap with us here at Moose Run, meaning you purchased your handicap with us, those will be inactivated at the end of this month April 30th. Unless you just signed up for a handicap this year then you will need to reactivate if you wish to continue using your GHIN. Give us a call at the Pro Shop, 907-428-0056, or come see us to reactivate your GHIN for the new golf season!!

We look forward to seeing you out here this year, once Mother Nature decides to be nice!

Also if you do plan on coming out our way be very careful as we have a lot of ice on our driveways. While we are doing our best to get the ice under control, we want everyone to stay safe when they visit us!

-Moose Run Staff


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