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Course Policies

Age Policy

Children under the age of 6 years old will NOT BE PERMITTED ON THE GOLF COURSE AT ANY TIME. They are permitted in the Clubhouse and Practice Areas ONLY under direct supervision of a responsible adult. Children 6 – 15 will be permitted to play ONLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT. It is the responsibility of the adult to ensure that children observe all rules of play and are not disturbing or slowing the play of others.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds may be completed by the following methods (in accordance with AFI 34-104.3.4):

  • Cash refunds will be made by the sales clerk on duty when authorized by the shift supervisor and the presentation of a valid receipt of payment.

  • Any returned merchandise must be accompanied by a receipt within 30 days of purchase.

  • Cash refunds should not be permitted for special order merchandise that cannot be readily sold to another customer or returned to the vendor.

  • Merchandise returned must be in unused or unopened condition upon return in order to receive a refund.

  • Merchandise sold as a clearance item will not be accepted as a return for refund.

  • Complete customer identification and signature is required. The amount of the item or service and reason for refund, including reference and original sales slip and the tape whenever possible, are shown on duplicate receipt.

  • Customers using VISA charge card will be provided with a credit on their credit card instead of a cash refund.

Dress Code

Dress Codes for players are posted in the pro shop and the starter shack. Neat, clean, and presentable, no tank tops, swimwear, or cutoffs are permitted. No high heels, lugged soled boots, or sports cleats are permitted.

Rain Check Policy

Refunds for green fees are generally not allowed. Extenuating circumstances will be looked at on a case by case basis. and the decision will be in the hands of the supervisor on duty. Military recalls, occasional lightning, or unsafe conditions are valid issues, inclement weather is not.

Other Course Policies

Winter activities are not allowed on Moose Run Golf Course. This includes but is not limited to skiing, sledding, snow machines and tubing. Walking dogs and other animals on course property is not allowed at any time. Jogging and other non-golf related activities are also not permitted.

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