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Golf Course Maintenance

The Moose Run Golf Course Maintenance Department maintains 205 acres of playing surface over the 512 total acres the Hill and Creek courses are built upon. The crew headed by Superintendent, Jacob Seabolt and Assistant Superintendent, Anthony Rushford is approximately 20 - 25 strong during the season, providing nearly around the clock maintenance on a budget of $800K annually.

A Staff Assist Visit (SAV) in August 2016, by the Air Force Agronomists found that our golf courses were in outstanding shape and the maintenance facility was "Hands down the best in Air Force Golf". Our team is very resourceful and excellent stewards of their budget. They frequently utilize the base DRMO to acquire equipment not otherwise accessible through budgetary restrictions that enable them to complete the many projects around the property. 

Course Grasses

The Hill and Creek Courses at Moose Run use special blends of grasses to maintain the best possible playing conditions. With the tremendous amount of play the courses receive during the season, the proper grass selection and height cut is critical to ensuring good conditions and sustainability. ​

The Tees, Fairways, Green Surrounds and near Roughs all have a special mix of Bluegrass, Rye and Fescue . Greens are a mix of G6 and Penncross Bent Grass with native Pos Annua. 

Cutting Heights

Tees - .380"

Fairways - .562"

Roughs - 2.5"

Greens - .140"

Hill Course
Greens Irrigation Project

The Hill golf course has operated with essentially no irrigation since the inception of the course in 1952. Each green and tee has a hose bib that is used to manually water the greens and tees each evening. An employee spends 8 hours each night going from hole to hole pulling hose to supply water to the tees and greens. It is amazing that the Hill Course is in such good condition with this antiquated watering system. 


In FY16, the maintenance staff installed irrigation around all 18 greens. All 20 greens, including practice greens, were completed in 14 weeks with very minimal interruption to the play. This saved about approximately 300 man-hours each year that has been used to better the playing experience at Moose Run Golf Course.

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