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New Moose Run GC Promo Video

Thanks for another great year at Moose Run Golf Course. As we near the end of our season, I wanted to share a new promo video we have for the facility.

Custom Club Fitting Available

You can now get custom fit for that new set of clubs and purchase them right from Moose Run Golf Course. Using our club fitting cart and to the best of our knowledge, the only FlightScope shot tracking radar in Alaska, we can accurately fit you for your next set. We will fit your irons for lie angle, length, shaft flex and grip plus talk about the optimal set makeup. Don has been doing custom fittings for 20 years for all the major manufacturers equipment including, but not limited to Ping, Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade. The service is free if you purchase your clubs through our shop. Most clubs will be sold at the same prices the big box stores sell them for. If you choose not to purcha

After Work Events for 2017

The very popular 9 & Dine will be returning in June 2017. Moose Run GC thanks you for the support that you've given to that weekly series. New for 2017 will be a Pizza Scramble on Wednesdays throughout the summer. It will be a 2 person scramble with pizza being served after the round. All the details will be posted as they are finalized. We will use a modified Callaway scoring system to help even the field and give golfers of all levels opportunties to win the weekly prizes. Plus we'll mix up the 9 holes being played every week, the best we possibly can to give some variety. Also in the works are Ladies 9 & Wine events and additional instructional programs. Stay tuned for details.

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