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Air Force Golf / NGF Survey

Dear Valued Moose Run Customer,

At JBER - Moose Run Golf Course we strive to deliver the best possible golfing experience to our customers on every round. We are always eager to hear what our customers have to say and we’d like to invite you to complete our customer survey. Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) contracted with the National Golf Foundation (NGF) to conduct a Golf Satisfaction Survey for each golf course across the Air Force. The survey gives you the opportunity to let me and our leadership know what is important to you and help better understand the market


Our survey is short and to the point and we encourage you to be open and candid with your feedback. For specific questions about the course, NGF would like you to answer them using whichever course you consider to be the better of the two (if you do).

Please click the following link to complete our survey:

Thank you for your time and for playing at Moose Run Golf Course!

Don Kramer, PGA

General Manager, Moose Run Golf Course

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