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Moose Run GC has a fleet of 8 Golf Boards available for rent. It is mandatory prior to the first time renting you click on the link above to view a safety and operating video, plus digitally sign the waiver. Below is another video to familiarize yourself with operating the Golf Boards.

Golf Board New User Video

The GolfBoards have been a huge hit here at Moose Run GC and all across the country. They do not require a long learning curve to operate. If you can ride a bike, you can operate one of these. The GolfBoards are not only fun, but also promote exercise on the course. Yes, you are riding, but there are many new muscles you are using that you would not typically while riding a cart or walking for that matter. Try one on your next round. You won't be disappointed. 

Moose Run GC users on the 1st Tee at the Creek Course

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