Golf Boards

Mandatory for all first time users.

Click Here to go to the Golf Board Liability Waiver System

Moose Run GC has a fleet of 8 Golf Boards available for rent. It is mandatory prior to the first time renting you click on the link above to view a safety and operating video, plus digitally sign the waiver. Below is another video to familiarize yourself with operating the Golf Boards.

Golf Board New User Video

The GolfBoards have been a huge hit here at Moose Run GC and all across the country. They do not require a long learning curve to operate. If you can ride a bike, you can operate a GolfBoard. The GolfBoards are a fun way to exercise on the golf course. Yes, you are riding, but there are many new muscles used that you would not typically while riding a cart or walking. Try one on your next round. You will not be disappointed!

Moose Run GC users on the 1st Tee at the Creek Course