July 11, 2019

Happy July JBER Golfers,

We have had a lot of feed back on our new flags. Some good and some negative. Most of the negative feed back we received is because the old flags were color coordinated for front, middle and back of the greens.

We went to all one color to save ti...

Team JBER,

The Air Force Services Activity is conducting a feasibility assessment for the funding to upgrade and improve the Hill Course at Moose Run.


You can help our collective efforts to improve the quality and level of service provided to our community by foll...

 Tee Times: Creek Course (Temporary Greens) 0800-1800

 Hill Course (Closed) Date TBA

April 18, 2019

Happy April JBER Golfers,

What a great start to spring. The very warm and sunny March has everyone chomping at the bit to get on the golf course and dust off the clubs. We are just as anxious to get the courses open, but it’s actively snowing here. Moose Run is usually...